Hey Wild Souls, and Greetings from the great outdoors. I am Kerri and I am The Haphazard Hiker.

Life has a funny way of nudging us onto unexpected paths, and for me, that path led straight to the heart of nature. They say all those who wander are not lost, however I certainly was one of the lost ones. A few years back, when my mums battle with cancer prompted a quest for better health, I discovered the magical world of hiking and outdoor exploration.

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2020—a time of reflection and renewal. With the world slowing down, I found myself furloughed and free to roam. Armed with audiobooks and a sense of wonder, I began to unearth the hidden gems tucked within my very own neighbourhood. Unfortunately, as world returned to normal so did my evenings on the sofa to recover from my hectic schedule with wandering finding its way to the bottom of my to-do list.

As the creator of The Haphazard Hiker, I’m your trailblazing companion on this journey. Expect to find a blend tantalising trails, candid reviews, as well as my ongoing (rocky) love affair with the world of camping.

The goal of The Haphazard Hiker is more than just a collection of trails; it’s a celebration of growth. It’s about stumbling, soaring, and finding beauty in every step of the journey. In this corner of the internet, there’s a place for everyone—from seasoned adventurers to those just starting out like me.

So, let’s heed nature’s call together and embark on a voyage of wonder. Fitness level? Don’t let that hold you back. All you need is a sprinkle of curiosity and a dash of courage.

Here’s to embracing every trail and tale with open arms.

Big Love,
Kerri 🌻
The Haphazard Hiker